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This is a photo of a church sanctuary.

Out of our intense love, admiration and extreme devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ we are endeavoring to take the Healing that was given to us through the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world to bring individuals physical, spiritual, emotional, healing and deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit."

A photo of a bible and a candle.

We Believe 

Our distinctive beliefs and practices are drawn from the bible.  We strive to focus on the commonalities of love rather than focusing on the differences and prejudices that can manifest through hateful interpretation of texts.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is an image of Jesus looking at the world and weeping.

Our Vision  

God has called Rev Steve and & Rev Anna and the Healing the Nations family to bring families together and heal the nation one soul at a time. 

This a photo of a pulpit.

Ministerial Advisors 

Ministers who we are in relationship with who have given us council and advice.   

This is a photo of a Church building.

Ministry Association 

Any person or ministry seeking to become an ASSOCIATE must make formal application to the Healing of the Nations Ministry Board.

This is a photo of a plant growing out of  pocket change.

Financial Policy 

When you have gratitude for the Word of God and you understand the need to reach unsaved souls with the gospel and sound Bible teaching motivate you to contribute, you have the privilege of giving and sharing in the dissemination of the Work of God.

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